Spomenik palim borcima u II svjetskom ratu

Spomenik palim Krajišnicima nalazi se na Banj brdu

Ukoliko odlučite da malo predahnete od grada i njegove larme, da malo prošetate po prirodi - ovo bi trebao biti vaš prvi izbor. Lokacija dovoljno izazovna i udaljena za odmor, a ipak dovoljno blizu za manje iskusne.

Postoji nekoliko pravaca za penjanje na vrh brda koji se protežu oko 5 km šumom ili cestom. Takođe, tu je i nekoliko pravaca kroz šumu ka proplanku Trešnjik koji je manje posjećen i nešto zahtjevniji uspon.

Spomenik palim borcima

The monument of the mausoleic type is a work of one of the greatest Yugoslovenian sculptors and craftsmen of memorial plastic of Antun Augustinčić.

It was erected on the place where, in June 1941, a Distric conference of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia for Bosanska Krajina was held together with a few counselings related to the rise of the rebellion. It was made from white stone from Brač, Croatia. It has a unique form, special dinamic line and looked from afar, it seems like a bullet fired in the direction of Krajina (Kozara and Grmeč).

On the frontage of the monument, above the entrance doors, there is a huge figure of a naked young man who holds a flag in his hand. Sideways there are relieves which show the battle against the occupants and after-war construction.

The monument was solemnly opened in 1961 and since then it became a place where visitors came from all over our country, but from other countries as well.

Rekreativna zona

Your journey to the top can be harder or easier - and we are not speaking of your life choices. There are several pathways through the woods which will take you to the monument or to the picnic area Tresnjik.

If you decide to take this walk, please take a bottle of water with you. There are few natural springs in the nearby, but for any case - take it with you. Comfortable sneakers are a must. Simply follow pathway marks and you'll end up on the desired place.

If you decide to work out a little bit, there is a gym in nature - aside from the main road you'll notice gym equipment for the various muscle groups, so you can try them out.