Cheap and tasty domestic meals

At Zora's (Kod Zore)

Do you feel like you are having the same meals everyday? Are you longing for a reel home-prepared meals like in grandma's kitchen? When you are exhausted after a long working day, come to "At Zora's" (Kod Zore) and nourish yourself with proven meals and recipes!

At the very beginning, it is important to clear up a few things: this is not a restaurant where your food will be served with fanfare, decorations and whatever kind of garniture. Simply imagine that you went to your grandmother: you will not go home hungry.

If you manage to find this small kitchen, hidden in the basement in Jevreska Street behind Sberbank, in the passage near the sex shop and across the Swordfish gaming room - give it a chance. The store itself looks like something that survived the fall of socialism and decided to continue its life.

It's important that you do not expect the service on the level of the Kazamat or a Male Stanice. It is also important that you have faith in the food that is being prepared. Here, only workmen food is prepared and most of the menu are simple recipes and decades-old foods: beans with sausage are beans with sausage, veal soup is veal soup.

What is specific to this place is the fact that every time I was at the end of the meal - the landlady (owner) would come and say that if I want she will give me more food without additional charge - because it's a shame if the guest goes hungry.

  • Bean with sausage
    Grah s kobasicom
  • Veal Soup
    Teleća čorba
  • Hungarian Stew
    Mađarska čorba
  • Jevrejska bb
    78000 Banja Luka, BA
  • +387 51 219 608