The right wine with the best food

Mala Stanica

Knowledge, innovation and experience in combining different cuisines and styles is their greatest asset. The menu concept is the merging of continental and Mediterranean gastronomy.

Restaurant "Mala Stanica" uses the best quality ingredients from domestic manufacturers.

In addition to the simple, tasty and lovingly prepared dishes, they are especially proud of the always freshly baked breads from their workshop, as well as on fresh, not dried homemade pasta made according to special recipes.

Some red meat, like ramstock and beefsteak, has matured in their chambers, and then slow coocked, in order to preserve all the natural flavors of the food.

Restaurant Bar "Mala Stanica" has a rich wine list which makes over fifty selected types of wine, and it is the highest quality wine cellars and wine producers. There are regional wines, then wines from the Mediterranean countries, Italy, Spain, France, as well as wines from the third world countries of Australia, Chile, Argentina. Selection and assistance in choosing food and wine should be left to their professional staff.

  • Pasta with chanterelle, turkey, kajmak and toasted nuts
  • Tokio Express Salad
  • Dark chocolate souffle
  • Kralja Petra I Karađorđevića
    78000 Banja Luka, BA
  • +387 51 326 730