Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

With his imposing exterior and impressive interior, it leaves a strong impression to visitors

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Banja Luka is placed on the same spot where was a Curch of the Holy Trinity which was build in between WWI and WWII.

The temple was ceremonially opened in 1939, but very quickly it was hit by a fateful fate. It was demolished at the beginning of WWII, in a joint "effort" by German bombs and local occupying authorities in Banja Luka.

A few interesting facts of building

  • The work on interior design was given to the famous academic painter, Jovan Bijelić, and the group "Oblik", which he formed.
  • A stone travertine, red and yellow from the Middle East, imported from Italy, was used to renovate the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.
  • Gold-plated stainless steel on all the domes of the temple originates from Siberia.
  • The bells and clocks were mounted by masters from Austria. Timepieces on four sides of the bell tower, 47.10m high, are connected to the Time Control Center in Frankfurt.
  • Before the WWII, the church was supposed to be near the place of "Kozara" cinema.