Švrakava Watefalls - within your reach

A hidden gem that only locals can find and enjoy!

Švrakava river is Vrbas's affluent and they merge in the vilage Karanovac. Although short and small, Švrakava is interesting river specifis by its canyon and waterfalls.

Švrakava also has it's own canyon which ends on a beutiful place where the river makes several smaller waterfalls. One of them is a little bigger and much dazling then others. From there, river flows slowly trough Bastasi and Karanovac, till the Vrbas river.

The Švrakava - a hidden waterfall near Banja Luka

Švrakava waterfall is popular destination for a many bicyclists. On the left side of the Vrbas river, (right of you go from Banja Luka to Jajce), on magistral road there is a brown road sign for this turistic place.

On local and english language with arrow pointing left over the Karanovac bridge, you can see "Slapovi Švrakave (Švrakava waterfalls)" sign. Once you are over the bridge, and if you are in dilema where to go on the crossroad. Take a path on the right toward a Kneževo ( not the left one to the Novoselija and Srpske Toplice).

After the 2km towards the Kneževo, there is a turistic brown sign, where it is written "Švrakava" pointing to the left. That is all. From there you are on your own. Direction where you headed from the magistral road, goes trough a village and there is no need to make aditional turns. Just follow the road uphill, until you reach a crossroad with a sign of the "UG Vikotrija, Terapijska zajednica Bastasi". On that place, go right, downhill following the road and after that you'll need to go with countryside road until you reach small sign to turn righttoward the "kanjoning" trail.

Leave your car near the small and colorfull bridge. You are still not able to hear the water but you are there.